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Gay Adult Stars - The Human Side

This post is dedicated to dispelling the myth that gay adult entertainers are one dimensional.

Many are extremely creative, intelligent, compassionate, educated individuals who do not always get the dignity and respect they deserve.

Since there are a bazillion sites and blogs posting the SCENES of adult stars I thought you might enjoy a post showing the more natural and human side of these talented men.  It takes a great deal of time for these busy entertainers to create their sites and blogs so I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

As Mitch Vaughn stated in an interview on the Books and Porn  blog site, quote, “I think the public has a mindset that the guys who do porn are just stupid. Someone with a cock and nothing between the ears. I have been so surprised at how many down to earth, VERY intelligent guys I have met in the industry”. His interview along with many other adult performers can be seen on their site Books and Porn.

Before you read this post please keep in mind the following:

1. There are probably thousands of gay adult entertainer web sites and I have certainly not read all of them.
I did not review FB pages.

2.  Many sites are strictly promotional in nature, which is not a bad thing since I understand the necessity from a marketing standpoint. However, for the purposes of this post I presented ones that were more personal in nature.

3.  If you know of or have a site that is not a FB page, a pay site or strictly promotional in nature please let me know since I would like to do more reviews and postings of entertainers personal blogs in the future.

For those of you who heavily follow the adult entertainment industry the names may not be new to you.

But for those of you who do not please enjoy the writings of some wonderful, multi-talented and insightful individuals.

Mr. Romero does an excellent job of answering the many questions he gets from his fans.

If you like zany with a capital “Z” than Mr. Colby Keller is your man. His collection of “I See Penis” pictures he finds and sent in by his fans with his comments listed below the pictures are absolutely hysterical. He has been blogging since 2009 and you will see more personal items in his earlier posts and what a sweet natured man he really is.

CONNER HABIB - San Francisco
Right this moment it seems that Mr. Conner Habib has interviews and essays posted everywhere. And it is his writing that does get him notice. Notoriety as not only an educated man but a compassionate one.  His post about the very subject of “compassion” here is one that I believe every straight person should read. And his bare-naked expression of his feelings of love in his post about domestic violence are heart wrenching. 

Has one of the most unique blogs on the internet today. He started it more than 4 years ago and it is still going strong. He endears himself to his readers with his intelligence, wit and ability to show vulnerability along with sometimes brutal self examination. He gives insightful and practical information about those looking to get into the industry.  And the interviews he has done over the years are some of the best and most honest I have heard concerning the adult entertainment industry. One of my personal favorites is the one he gave on Queer & Queerer. It is a longer audio interview but well worth your time, as is his blog.

Is a veteran of the adult entertainment industry. Mr. Washington talks openly about the problems and issues he and the industry go through. Also is very brave in talking about his struggles with bi-polar disorder which I find most endearing, noble and honest. A very articulate man.

EDDIE STONE - Toronto Canada
He has a delightful selection of posts he calls “Porn Star Bed Time Story” that he also tweets about. Having Sex vs. Love is a favorite of mine.

This one is a rather tough one to read. He entitles his blog “A Romance With Misery” so you are forewarned.  His commentaries of lashing out and conversely apologizing to folks who post on his Tumblr site are hard to stop reading, something akin to “staring at an accident scene”.  Also at his older blog at  However I have included it here because I feel it is a very revealing human struggle of pain and addiction. And because, just like real life the adult entertainment industry is not always pretty.
I am sad to report he passed away on June 14th 2012, he was just 30 years old.

I know I said I did not want to review strictly promotional blogs and I know this one is contracted with however Mr. Jesse Jackman really does a great job of giving you an insiders look at the adult entertainment industry if you click on his “Behind The Scenes” link. His quote about one of his recent viewings of a video where he says, “the musical score was written in the key of leaf blower” was hysterical.  He is also open about his condition of Peyronie’s Disease causing a curvature of the penis which affects many men. Being open and talking about it intelligently I believe will go a long way in helping men with this condition feel less embarrassed and good about themselves. Because lets face it, a penis is a beautiful thing! ; -)

KENNEDY CARTER- From UK, Living in Mexico City for a year
Many adult entertainers crisscross the continents to film and Mr. Carter is no exception but what I found unique about him was the fact of how much he is trying to do. His major in the UK is Latin studies and he is immersing himself in the language by living in Mexico City for 2012 while working toward his degree. Famous, M/M erotic romance writer J.P. Barnaby did a wonderful interview of him on her blog  and
several other adult entertainment stars. If you have not already read them get on over to her site and click on her blog.  But Mr. Kennedy definitely wins cuteness points for this post on his personal blog.

KIERON RYAN - Los Angeles, CA
Talks candidly about his first year travels into becoming a adult entertainment star.
An educated man, he dispels the myth that people are in the adult entertainment industry because they have no other options. His blog is an excellent read and also deals with the world of leather, BDSM and fetish players.

LEO FORTE - Los Angeles, CA

Dispels the myth that adult entertainers are not deep thinkers. Leo is a multi-talented man who is a gifted artist and writer. He guest writes on others blogs as well. He is also a very accomplished fetish PLAYER and rigger. I emphasized “player” because he wants viewers to know there is a difference between adult entertainers who model and do a fetish scene as oppose to ones who practice it in their own lives.

Yes I know his new site now has promotional and pay videos on it but I wanted to recognize the charitable contribution he made and I know many, many other adult entertainers do.

I would really like to do a posting on the contributions adult stars have made to charity so please let me know of their good works.

NICK CAPRA - Southern CA, retired
A little hard to read because it is all in one long block on each post but he gives a very insightful and critical look at himself and the “appearance factor” in the industry. The obsession to look younger as we age and the honest look he takes at himself for the things he tried to do to accomplish that. I feel for that it is well worth the read.

RYAN RAZ - St. Louis MO retired model but still involved with the industry
This man says he LOVES to travel. In 2011 he said he has logged over 200,526
air miles, visited 12 different countries and posts some wonderful pictures and observations of exotic locations that would make a travel magazine drool.  I also loved his comment and post, If you are reading this then you know that being gay isn't a choice, its just the way I am. If you disagree with that I beg you to do a swan dive off a freeway overpass. While I do not agree with what these protestors have to say, I love the fact that they are able to say it. One of the many things that makes this country great is the fact that we have the right to express our opinions when ever we want to. In too many places in the world people are told what they are or are not allowed to express. If these people, as ignorant as they maybe, want to stand there and tell me how I am wrong then thats fine. As long as they are not being violent or causing harm to anybody, then I will fully support their right to protest.” Well said Mr. Raz.

TONY BUFF - Seattle WA
Due to his heavy production schedule for Fetish Force he does not have the time to update his blog however it is still an excellent read for his time and insights on the leather and BDSM communities and his history with them and I feel deserves the time to be read so I have included it with the list.


I always appreciate it when individuals who have a public platform to lead from actually do lead.
In a quote from his blog “Do we go to a condom only environment? is the industry safer condom only? To me this is a true statement but not for the obvious reasons, see too me the problem is this not what happens on camera but off camera....... how do we as performers and overly sexual people behave in our private lives. the problem are those who are not safe off camera who think "oh I cant get HIV" or simply think "it wont happen to me".
But where do they get these ideas? Where does one learn about sex? For many of us including myself yes, its has been widely due to what we see in porn. many have taken it a step further seeing no condoms as the normal way sex should happen. So I myself would have no problem going to a condom only industry. I watch a lot of porn and if there is a condom in the scene to me it takes nothing away from it. So whats the problem with condoms?”

Well said Mr. Diesel.

His post on his reflection on World AIDS Day is definitely worth reading a second time and a third and maybe a fourth and fifth until we get it.

Yes I know his site is mostly promotional in nature however I want everyone to get a chance to read and think about what he says here on his blog.

As I stated earlier I would like to include more posts like this one that show the natural and more human side to these brave individuals. If you know of a blog of this type I encourage you to send me a comment about it.

A SPECIAL NOTE to all the men in this industry who take the time to let their friends and fans know about themselves and their lives.


  1. Thank you so much for the mention and kind words! glad u like my blog and my work! have a great day!

  2. This was a very interesting post. I know of most of the models you spoke of and a few are special favorites of mine. The reputation that proceeds them because of their career choice is indeed unfair and it's blogs like yours that dispell those falsities.

    I look forward to reading more of your blog.



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