Thursday, June 14, 2012

Porn Stars-Are We Pushing Them Too Far?

As I have started writing for an adult studio I have been trying to quickly learn a business that I am not that familiar with and I am having concerns.

Being concerned about those I write for and the industry as a whole seems to be a defect in my character at this point because I am not really sure how much the industry or the viewing public really care.

The questions that are coming up more and more in my mind as I write for the studio and models is the thought - are we pushing them too far?

 We have extreme sports, extreme weight loss, extreme home make over shows, every product now seems to start with the word extreme, we even have extreme pizza.

 And I am not talking about the different fetishes like BDSM for the moment I am talking about what we are doing to the adult performers themselves.

 Do we have some responsibility here as consumers to be aware of what we are REALLY viewing and what it takes to create it?

We as a society seem to be concerned with how the clothes we wear are made and how the food we eat is harvested. Should we be concerned by how the adult content we view is made and those who perform in it?

I believe strongly we should. And I am becoming increasingly uncomfortable with the way I see adult entertainers treated. They are many times treated as less than human, without feeling.  Not just by some of the studios and agents but the fans and bloggers as well.

I believe gay performers are treated with even less respect many times than their straight counterparts. 
That is one of the reason I chose to write for a gay, rather than a straight adult studio. If my writing brings just a tiny modicum of respect and dignity to these performers who bear themselves for our viewing consumption, than I will have accomplished a tiny bit of peace within my own soul about what I do.

I can see the pressure these entertainer are under is intense.

On the one side society intellectually knows a healthy attitude toward sex and sexual fantasies makes for a more complete human being. On the other side, we still treat sex and pornography as being a taboo even though statistics are coming out everyday how many people are actually viewing and reading about it.

And these outmoded notions of taboo are shoved in the faces of the adult entertainers on a daily basis. Add to that the fact that so-called fans and a myriad of gay porn following blogs that will relish and cannibalize performers for any misstep they make. 

This is a tough road for them to walk.  Even a rhinoceros’s hide is not that thick and these conflicting assaults must take a toll on them.

We are regularly seeing the “ripped” male physiques in not only adult productions but mainstream media as well. There is no denying we love to look at them but have we stopped to think of the cost to the performers?

I recently heard an actor on a U.S. television series say, “I just cannot keep up with 15 hour shooting days and a tough gym schedule so I have asked the producers to allow me to keep my shirt on more.” But what if your entire job is to have your shirt and everything else OFF in front of the camera?

The accounts I have read of adult male stars workout and diet routines make an Olympians workouts look like recess at a Kindergarten.

How hard these performers work was brought to the forefront today for me when Mr. Adam Robinson Vice President for Falcon Studios announced the passing of performer Mr. Erik Rhodes who worked with them for over 8 years.  A memorial page has been set up at the Falcon site if you would like to express your condolences.

The male body was not meant to show every cut in their abdominal wall because of the natural layer of protective fat that covers them. However many are dieting themselves to dangerously low body fat levels then decreasing their fluid intake to make their muscle “pop” as they call it, on camera.
Add to that the fact that in a gay male scene one or both partners must anally cleanse themselves prior to filming which leaves some feeling nauseous, dizzy and weak. Then on top of all that they cannot eat for most of the day and I believe they are setting themselves up for some real health problems.

How good would you feel about seeing an adult scene if you knew the models were feeling sick for most of the shoot?


And it is not just the physical strains that are put on these performers.

Most adult performers cannot make a living in this industry full-time and have jobs outside of the industry. Besides the second and third job they work they also have to promote themselves to get more work in the adult arena.

I say “arena” because at times, all the hustle for promotion they have to do reminds me of the Romans and the Coliseum where slaves and others were slaughtered by lions for sport.

The adult entertainers have to set up their own web sites, blogs, affiliate pay sites, Facebook and Twitter accounts, and MAINTAIN them!
They have to attend award ceremonies, promotional events, dance venues and so on.  Make sure they find a good agency, get in with the right studios, get their picture taken with the right people.  All this while hoping for calls from a talent agency they were able to sign with while fending off the "predator" scouts.

I have also started to wonder what it must be like for these performers after they have spent the day or weekend with people who are comfortable with sex and their sexual orientation only to have to return back to their lives and other jobs where people may not be so accepting?

How jarring the harsh realities must be when they can no longer be as open and must watch what they say and how they act. For those who live in large cities with a large LGBT community it is probably not so difficult. 

However I wonder about the ones who do not. Who return back to their lives and have to sequester that part of their being. I know I could not bear this type of schizophrenic existence.  I feel for those who have to and the effects it must have on their psychic souls cannot be good and must further their feelings of isolation.


Here in the U.S. some of the adult gay performers seemed to have found a nurturing environment with the M/M male/male romance writers. They even have a following calling themselves LOGP or Ladies of Gay Porn. I am so glad to hear these men have found a welcoming environment there since society is still mistreating them for their sexual orientation and choice of career.

I enjoy reading the interviews being done by some of the writers and those “outside” of the filming industry like Ms. JP Barnaby’s and the gals of Books and Porn. Their interviews are showing a more complex side to these performers rather than just the “scene interview” you so often see on studio blogs that tell you absolutely nothing about the performer as if they are just a machine. A very beautiful machine but for the most part just a machine without feelings.

Am I wrong to be concerned about such things?

Maybe I am just worrying myself for no reason here. Maybe everything is good and well and everyone is happy and getting everything they need. That the industry is perfectly fine set up the way it is and does not need to change and neither does our thinking toward it.
However I know that over HALF of all adult performers only do one or two scenes and never return.  That is a huge number for any industry and quite troublesome to me.

For now though those thoughts will have to wait for another time little blog.   Because my head is really starting to throb with all these conflicting thoughts and emotions and  I know I have a long night ahead.  I will be starring at the ceiling in my room and chewing at my bottom lip while I try to figure out a way to sleep and be O.K. with all of this………..

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Saturday, June 9, 2012


We all know there are huge “tube sites” and “torrent sites” that people go to find free porn pictures and videos.

A survey conducted by the anti-piracy group NBT Envisional for NBC Universal stated 35.8% of all torrent downloading traffic was attributed to porn followed closely by movies at 32.5%.

According to XBIZ Research Spring 2012 guide, free porn sites are what are having the most influence on the adult industry and what you get to see or not see as the case may be.

These large sites can have literally millions of members or visitors who think they are bypassing the membership fee to adult studios by downloading clips or pictures, but at what cost?

You downloaded or clicked on the picture or clip and BAM you have just downloaded malware or spyware onto your computer and you probably never knew it. 

You know the maxim “there is no such thing as a free lunch”. Well guess what, it really is true when it comes to these particular types of sites.

“What are you talking about it is free porn so it does not cost me a thing.”

Not so fast kiddo. There is a cost and it is bigger than you may realize.

COSTS TO FREE PORN - Meaning the cost to you.

1. Free sites have to make money
So how do you suppose they do that? They employ affiliate programs that unfortunately use blackhat methods, tracker programs etc. that either redirect you to pay sites or siphon off your personal information to sell to information brokers. 

2. Slows your computer down

You know this is true because you are probably bitching right now about how slow your computer is running.

You may not be aware that when you click on these free sites that many are looking to invade your computer with their malware and access your information and you are letting them do it.

I hear your counter argument, “I keep my security anti-virus software constantly updated”. Well good for you however they can get in other ways from just the browser you are using right now.

Quotes from the site Technology Review about a Harvard based study on "Economics of Information Security" with reference to porn and security issues with these tube and torrent sites stated; "browsers were vulnerable to a known exploit in either Adobe Flash or handling of the Microsoft Office or Adobe PDF document types."

So guess what, if you have either Adobe Flash, Microsoft Office or Adobe PDF downloaded on your computer, and who doesn't, they got in!

And this goes for anything you downloaded from these "free" sites like movies, music, pictures, games etc.

You now have malware running in the background of your computer, worming its way around collecting all your information and sending it to heaven knows where and to heaven knows who. 

So do you feel like disinfecting yourself and your computer right now?  Well you should and I would recommend you do take your computer in and get the malware wiped off of it .  And when you get it back from the tech leave the "free" tube and torrent sites alone when it comes to copyrighted material.  Because like I said dear ones, there is no free lunch even on the internet.

And there is one last item I would like you to take away from this article.

3. Quality of porn goes down for everyone
Hollywood needs money to make quality movies, music artist need money to produce quality albums and porn studios need revenue to make quality porn videos. If you are looking for some inferior, lower than a snakes belly, poor quality video and malware installed on your computer I say go for the free sites. On the other hand if you want your sexual fantasy bank and head to be filled with high quality sex, beautiful models and have a porn collection actually worth bragging about then there is some cost.

Honestly the cost to these higher quality sites are really minimal when you get right down to it. With most subscriber sites less than $17.00 a month for a 6 month membership and some with $1.00 trial memberships.   For crying out loud you pay more for soda or coffee drinks!

Less than $17.00 a month!  

To have access to filling up your sexual fantasy bank, to stimulate your creative sexual brain, to see specimens of beautiful physical forms, to increase the spark in your love life with your partner, to just enjoying your own sexuality. If you can’t find that amount in your change drawer or the floor of your car you are doing something wrong folks.

And besides which is better and more long lasting, great sexual fantasies to enjoy your love life with or a.............. "Big Gulp”?

Yes I said it I know a gratuitous pun.  I could not stop my fingers before that one got out but back to serious business here.

I for one, want my online adult entertainment to make me feel better after viewing, not like I have to sanitize my keyboard afterwards. I like to fill the sensual databank in my head with beautiful bodies, beautiful scenery, enjoying the intimate pleasures of human sexuality. And I am willing to shell out the meager amount the quality adult studios are asking for in order for me to have that experience.

So please, the next time you are tempted to go to these so-called free porn sites and infect your computer with malware realize you are diminishing the porn experience for all of us by taking away the income these studios and models need to produce a quality product that they work so hard to bring us.

So how did we get to this point with all these free tube and porn torrent sites?
How does the industry stop all this porn piracy?
And are adult studios resulting to more extreme scenes to counteract the loss of revenue?

These and other articles coming soon so stay tuned my little ones.