About Me

So you are probably wondering what is up with the masks.  Well they are cute, campy, fun and I always wanted to play dress up.

But you are not buying it are you. 

O.K., O.K. the truth is I am as ugly as a fence post and I did not want to scare children and small woodland creatures, are you happy now!  Sheesssh.

I was born in New York and I am very fortunate to have grown up, work and live along the beautiful sunny, warm beaches of San Diego, California. 

As a teenager I use to scramble up and down the steep cliffs of probably the largest nude beach in the U.S., known simply as Black's Beach. Locally famous not so much for the nudity, but the fact that so many people get stuck on the cliffs and have to be rescued off of them on a fairly regular basis. Fortunately I was never one of those that needed to be rescued. And since it is considered a "clothing optional" beach rather than strictly nude I kept my bathing suit on.  Well O.K. there was that one time........

I find people absolutely fascinating.  

Besides my passion for people I also love animals and have a special fondness for horses.  I was a hunter/jumper for over 10 years in the beautiful city of Del Mar just north of me and had the opportunity to jump several horses that were retired from the Del Mar racetrack here. I have found animals can help heal the wounds inflicted upon us by others and I could share things with my horses I could never tell another living soul.

Currently I am suffering under the delusion that I can box and do Muay Thai martial arts.  I am sure my instructors would beg to differ but it has been really fun trying.  One of my sparring partners said we look like craw fish mating when we box and that is probably the most accurate description of what I am doing. ;-)

I am straight, I am female, I am educated, I have a gym membership and actually use it, I contribute to local charities, I think of myself as a spiritual person, I have been in a committed relationship for years and I write for a gay European adult studio’s blogs and help with some of their model blogs.

So you can discount me as a person now, right? Because sex is an evil and dirty thing right?

That is the hypocrisy of the U.S. culture isn’t it.

Sex, sexuality, sexual fantasies are all part of being human. You would not be reading this if your parents did not have sex.

And let’s be honest here. This is the reason we are still uncomfortable dealing with the sexual orientation issue because it involves, what else, ………….oh my god……..sex!

But you may be asking why I added porn into this discussion on my blog.

The reason is, as I recently embarked on this new chapter in my life of writing for an adult gay studio I had HUGE questions and issues in my own mind. Mainly will I be hurting anyone by what I write and create. There is the additional issue that I am straight after all and how could I possibly write about gay sex.

Let me be clear though - - - I do not write gay fiction.  I wish I could write as eloquently as many of the gay erotic romance writers out there but I do not have their talent.

The writings I do for the adult gay studio are about the beauty and artistry of what they create and also about their real lives.  Yes they do create a "fantasy" with some of their work but I am sure the models will tell you what they do is quite real on many levels. 

However as I began this journey things started happening that I never expected. I started to come in contact with some really amazing, intelligent, compassionate and insightful individuals.  There is much more to them then just the beautiful faces and bodies of the models and those who work with them.

They opened my eyes to things that were right in front of me all this time and I am ashamed to say, as a straight person, I never realized them.

I am now forever changed.

That is NOT to say that I feel the LGBT community and porn are linked anymore so than the straight community is.

It is simply through my own experience working with an adult studio that I started opening my eyes to the prejudices that are still faced by LGBT people and my heartfelt need to explore both worlds.

So I have now gone on a quest, if you will, to see if I can gather information on how straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender people can have an open honest discussion to understand each other and ourselves better.  And maybe, just maybe narrow the communication gap between us and remove the judgment, hate and fear from our lexicon.

Because we are all human beings.

And yes I am releasing my inner drag queen here and just love it, can't let the boys have all the fun. FABULOUS!

With great respect for all,

Shadow Sterling