A Reminder To Straight Folks

      I listened to an interview of a very wise, articulate and compassionate gay man who said. “We live in a straight world, where straight people are unaware of the entitlement and privileges they are afforded in our society simply because they are straight.”

     I am cognizant enough to acknowledge that for better or worse the majority in our society tend to make the rules.

     I am aware there is a long list of things that one section of the population receives more recognition for than others but I want to narrow the field to things we do not do by choice.

     Specifically sexual orientation.

     Talking to the straight population, you knew at probably a pretty early age, that you were attracted to the opposite sex right? And since you are taking the time to look over this blog you already realize that being attracted to someone of the same sex is not some form of mental illness or something “you will just get over”,

     So answer me this, why do we still believe it is better to be straight than gay?