Sunday, March 25, 2012

An Open Apology To All

I am straight and I am sorry for taking for granted all the entitlement and privileges I receive in this world that you do not.

I am sorry for the cruel things I said to you in school.
I am sorry my thoughtlessness embarrassed you in front of others.
I am sorry for not extending my hand in friendship when I could have.
I am sorry for the tasteless jokes I said at the office.
I am sorry I made your work environment tough to go to each day.
I am sorry for the thoughtless comments you overheard me say to others.
I am sorry if your family did not support you when you came out or even rejected you.
I am sorry that you always have to be careful what you say around me.
I am sorry for all the times an ignorant comment from me made you feel less than.
I am sorry that I made you feel less of a man or woman.
I am sorry this is too little and too late in coming.

I am sorry, I was wrong and you did not deserve any of it.

With great respect and humility,

Shadow Sterling

If you know of someone who has been hurt and may be helped by this
please feel free to share it with them.

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