My Name

Shadow Sterling
Is my pseudonym, nom de plume, pen name or whatever you want to call it.

I do not use my real name because writing for an adult studio is something I alone chose to do. My family, partner, relatives, friends and co-workers did not.

I chose “Shadow” for all the folks, myself included, who still feel the necessity and need to keep ourselves out of the limelight and in the shadows. But this extends beyond just the confines of the "adult community" in my mind and to those among us in the LGBT community and other marginalized individuals as well.

I chose “Sterling” for all the intelligent, exciting, compassionate, funny, caring people of sterling character that I will never know because of the way our society still oppresses them.

You might be wondering the story behind the weird position I found myself in to take this picture for my blog. 

Well I wanted to sign my name on the picture but I realized my leg was in the way so I moved it so the name would fit.  I guess I should have picked a shorter name! LOL