Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I Write Gay Non-Fiction

 I still quiver a bit when I type the above words.

     I am sure you have all heard of erotic and gay erotic fiction novels. All you have to do is go to Amazon and type in erotica romance or gay erotica and see the thousands of titles that come up.

     There are many talented writers in this field and I would never compare my meager writing talents to their's. 

     The writings I am currently doing for a gay European adult studio and for some of their model blogs are non-fiction based.

      I write about the beauty and artistry of what they create on film which is fantasy based yes, but what they do is quite real. I will also start to write about their models lives which is definitely reality based.

     But I will admit to you blog, that I am new to this and a bit scared. The seeds of doubt in my brain grow like weeds in my garden, sometimes choking me into paralysis.
You see I am straight and I am female and I am afraid that my work will be discounted as not “authentic” enough. Meaning that I have no business writing for a gay studio. However it is still a little known fact that fully one third to one half of the audience for gay erotic porn are women.

     This is something that the U.S. studios are still a bit slow to embrace but it will come in time I believe.

     However something has happened to me and my view as I have started this new field of writing and that is the people I have been encountering along the way. I thought I was an open minded person when it came to sexual orientation but I am starting to see how na├»ve and sometimes hurtful my views have been.

     It is not enough to say I am for equal rights for all when I do not even see the rights I take for granted every day.

     My eyes are starting to open and self examination for me is difficult at times. For I now realize, as unintentional as it might have been, I have caused others pain and I need to rectify that, if just for my own peace of mind.

     Each time I dissect a long held understanding it gets blown away by the new people and issues I am discovering through my writings.

     That is why I have started to commit these feelings and examinations to the written word to stop them from whirling around in my head.

    So wish me luck on this new journey little blog. I am scared but I am willing to try.

Shadow Sterling

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