Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Take The Straight Quiz

Straight Quiz

1.  What do you think caused you to be Straight?

2.  Do you think it was because you were brought up in a single parent household?

3.  Are you Straight because you are secretly afraid of the people of your same sex?

4.  Is it because you viewed porn that you are now calling yourself Straight?

5.  Do you think being Straight is a mental illness?

6.  Do you think it was because you played with dolls instead of trucks when you were a kid that you are Straight?

7.  What do your parents think of you coming out as Straight?

I know you can see how ridiculous these questions are but these and many more are the questions LGBT individuals are bombarded with from all sides.  So please take a moment and try to see things from another's perspective.

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